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    How To Know If You're Actually In Love With Your Best Friend

    We're just friends, I swear!

    1. You constantly defend your friendship to others.

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    And say things like, "We're just friends, I swear!"

    2. You trust them more than anyone else.

    3. You take care of them when they're feeling under the weather.

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    4. You notice every single detail about them.

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    5. You act like your realest self around them.

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    6. You cringe when this song comes on the radio.

    7. You talk about anything and everything with them.

    8. You spend holidays together.

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    9. You've stayed friends through all of life's stages.

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    10. Your significant other feels like the third wheel when you all hang out.

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    11. You talk about your love for them in metaphors.

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    12. You try to ignore the obvious sexual tension between you.

    13. They're the first person you text when something important happens in your life.


    14. You get jealous when you see with them with the person they're currently dating.

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    15. You feel super comfortable around them.

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    16. You ask them for love and relationship advice.

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    17. You give them "friendly" compliments.

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    18. You're always each other's plus ones.

    19. You use them as a pillow.

    20. You happily travel far distances to see them.

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    Rain, snow, sleet, sunshine...

    21. You butt heads every once in a while.

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    It's really just the tension.

    22. Sometimes you get confused about how you really feel.

    23. And you think about what it'd be like to date them.

    But are afraid to ruin your friendship.

    24. You emotionally depend on them.

    Because you know you can.

    25. You pretty much already know you're in love with them.

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    26. And you're sure there's no one else you'd rather be with.

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    So do something about it...

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    ...Before it's too late.

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