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How Much Of A New Yorker Are You?

The city that never lets you sleep.

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  1. Choose all that apply.

    You're not surprised when people are mean to you.
    You’ve had a delicious slice of 99 cent pizza.
    You’ve eaten pizza at 4:00 a.m. because you can.
    You’ve been to John’s Pizza on Bleecker Street.
    You call pizza: "pie.”
    You fold your slices of pizza in half.
    You've watched someone urinate in the street.
    You've watched someone urinate in the subway.
    You're unfazed by performers on the subway.
    And you don’t stop to enjoy them, even if they are talented.
    You walk through the streets with your head down.
    You have your choice of bars and nightlife that the rest of the world envies.
    But you go to the same bars with the same friends over and over again.
    Spending $12 on a cocktail doesn’t seem like a lot of money.
    You cherish happy hour when beer only costs $4 a bottle.
    You expect a cup of coffee to cost at least $3.
    You’ve survived Grand Central at rush hour.
    And have walked through Port Authority without contracting a disease.
    You know better than to spend time at Penn Station.
    You’ve been to Queens.
    You’ve been to the Bronx.
    You’ve been to Brooklyn.
    You’ve been to Staten Island.
    You’ve spent a considerable amount of time in Manhattan.
    $1,000 of your money goes to rent every month.
    $1,200 of your money goes to rent every month.
    $1,400 of your money goes to rent every month.
    The majority of your paycheck goes to rent.
    The rest of your paycheck goes to food and cabs.
    You’ve walked next to a rat in the street.
    You’ve seen a rat in the subway tracks.
    You’ve seen a rat on the subway platform.
    You’ve shared living space with a mouse.
    You’ve killed a cockroach with your shoe.
    You’ve killed a cockroach with your hand.
    You’ve stolen a cab from someone who needed it more than you.
    You lie about how often you take cabs so no one judges you.
    You take cabs once a week.
    You take cabs more than once a week.
    You take cabs every day.
    You’ve gotten into a fight with your cab driver.
    You’ve befriended your cab driver.
    You’ve bought groceries at a bodega.
    You’ve gotten breakfast from a bodega.
    You’ve gotten drunk at a bottomless brunch.
    When someone says "doctor" you think: Zizmor.
    You’ve been to the Shake Shack in Madison Square Park.
    You’ve had a cupcake from Magnolia’s.
    You've seen the dude with the cat on his head.
    You’ve been stranded by the L train.
    You’ve waited at least 20 minutes to get on the G train.
    You’ve had a bagel from H&H.
    You think there's a special place in hell for picture-taking, slow-walking tourists.
    You avoid Times Square at all costs.
    You’re immune to smells of hot garbage.
    You go to rooftop parties in the summer.
    You’ve ridden the Wonder Wheel at Coney Island.
    You've played video games in a Chinatown arcade.
    You've stayed in K-town until 5 a.m. singing karaoke.
    You’ve seen the Yankees play at the new Yankee Stadium.
    You’ve watched the Mets lose at Citifield.
    You've been offered drugs by random strangers in the street.
    You’ve been to a concert at Madison Square Garden.
    You’ve been to the Barclays Center.
    You’ve gone at least 10 blocks on a Citibike.
    You've been yelled at by the NYU timekeeper.
    You’ve gone ice-skating at Central Park.
    You’ve taken a ferry to the Statue of Liberty.
    You've taken the tram to Roosevelt Island just for the view.
    You’ve been to the top of the Empire State Building.
    You’ve seen more than one show on Broadway.
    You’ve seen more than five shows on Broadway.
    You’ve seen more than 10 shows on Broadway.
    You’ve watched a movie on the lawn at Bryant Park.
    You’ve seen a performance of "Shakespeare in the Park."
    You’re not fazed by crazy street performers.
    You’ve been to the 24-hour Apple store on 5th Avenue.
    You can’t remember the last time you drove a car.
    LES and UWS aren’t just random acronyms to you.
    Your wardrobe consists of black, gray, and more black.
    You’ve picked up a used book from The Strand.
    You’ve spent the night at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.
    You’ve paid $5 for a cronut.
    You’ve sat quietly in the Rose Main Reading Room of the New York Public Library.
    You’ve walked across the Brooklyn Bridge.
    You’ve listened to live jazz music at the Village Vanguard.
    You’ve spent the day at the Brooklyn Flea.
    You’ve seen QuestLove DJ at Brooklyn Bowl.
    You can navigate the subway without HopStop.
    You refer to address locations by cross-streets.
    You’re an expert Seamless user.
    You’ve run into Christopher Walken on the street.
    Your family asks if your life is like “Sex and the City.”
    “Fuggetaboutit” is one of your go-to sayings.
    You’ve bought a pretzel from a street vendor out of serious hunger.
    You’ve had drinks at Sardi's after a Broadway show.
    You’ve been to mass at St. Patrick’s Cathedral.
    You've paid $30 for Chanel on Canal Street.
    SoHo, NoHo, Nolita, TriBeCa. You know what all of these stand for.
    You've had a lemon ice from the Lemon Ice King of Corona.
    You know the proper way to pronounce Houston.
    You've gone clubbing in Meatpacking.
    You've gone bar-hopping in the East Village.
    You barely notice the piles of garbage on the sidewalks anymore.
    You've spent a summer day at Astoria Park.
    You know the real Little Italy in New York City's is actually on Arthur Avenue.
    But you've also been to dinner on Mulberry Street.
    You refer to distance in blocks instead of miles.
    If it's less than a mile away and it's a nice day out, you'd rather walk there.
    You've waited for the subway to arrive for more than an hour past midnight.
    When you watch movies shot in New York, you get excited to see familiar sights.
    You've taken a blanket, booze, and friends to Sheep's Meadow on a summer's day.
    You've toured the Brooklyn Brewery.
    You've gotten drunk at a beer garden in Astoria.
    People who know nothing about Brooklyn ask you if your life is like Lena Dunham's.
    You've bought a snack from a food truck late at night and regretted it the next morning.
    You've been to a great Irish bar in Woodlawn.
    You've seen Billy Joel sing about New York City live.
    Your server has asked you to read their screenplay.
    You've been to a Duane Reade in your PJs.
    You've stood in line for chicken and rice on 53rd and 6th.
    You've ridden the 6 train on the loop around at City Hall.
    You've been to the Pride parade.
    You've sat inside the Washington Square Park fountain.
    You're good at getting things done in a New York minute.
    You have a New York City zip code.
    You wake up every morning to a view of the skyline.
    You know if you can make it here, you can make it anywhere.

How Much Of A New Yorker Are You?

You're an A+ tourist who loves NYC, even though you may not actually live there. From experience, you know there's no other place like the "Big Apple."

Patrick Stewart / Via Twitter: @SirPatStew
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