How Catholic Are You Actually?

Do you practice what you preach?

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  1. Choose all the apply.
    1. You were baptized.
    2. You aced Sunday school.
    3. You’ve taught a religious ed. class.
    4. You’re in recovery from going to a Catholic high school.
    5. You went to a Catholic college.
    6. Some would say you have a big pretty family, but to you it’s normal.
    7. Your parents have yelled at you for having a Ouija board in the house.
    8. You go to mass on Easter.
    9. You go to mass on Christmas.
    10. You go to mass every Sunday.
    11. On December 1st you break out your advent calendar.
    12. Your priest has been over your house for dinner.
    13. You’re familiar with the story of David and Goliath.
    14. You’ve referred to someone as “the prodigal son.”
    15. You feel guilty when you duck out of mass after communion.
    16. You’ve nodded off during Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve.
    17. You acquired a taste for red wine at a young age.
    18. You’ve felt the extreme effects of Catholic guilt.
    19. You celebrate All Saints’ Day after your Halloween candy hangover.
    20. You’ve watched all 127 minutes of “The Passion of the Christ.”
    21. You’ve cried through all 127 minutes of “The Passion of the Christ.”
    22. You don’t think it’s weird to see people walking around with ashes in their head on Ash Wednesday.
    23. You’ve had your feet washed at mass on Holy Thursday.
    24. You’ve acted in a Christmas pageant.
    25. You received your First Communion.
    26. You think Eucharist tastes delicious when you’re really hungry.
    27. You have at least one cross that you wear on a chain.
    28. You’ve rocked a WWJD bracelet at some point.
    29. You’re named after a Saint.
    30. You’ve survived the whole Stations of the Cross service on Good Friday.
    31. You make the sign of the cross when you’re nervous.
    32. You make the sign of the cross when you pass by a church.
    33. You make the sign of the cross when you want to spread positive energy.
    34. You know the difference between transubstantiation and consubstantiation.
    35. You refrain from saying “Jesus Christ” in front of your grandparents.
    36. You know all eight Beatitudes.
    37. You know that someday you have to get married, even if you don’t want to.
    38. You believe in the pearly gates of heaven.
    39. You believe in hell.
    40. When it comes to Christmas, you think Jesus is the reason for the season.
    41. There’s always a nativity scene under your Christmas tree.
    42. You have something blessed by the Pope.
    43. You’ve been to a mass said by the Pope.
    44. You’ve met your Bishop.
    45. You received Confirmation.
    46. You took a Saint’s name for your Confirmation name.
    47. You got married in a Catholic Church.
    48. You’ve seen “Jesus Christ Superstar.”
    49. You’ve seen “Godspell.”
    50. You’ve seen “Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat.”
    51. You own a copy of the Bible.
    52. You keep a copy of the Bible next to your bed.
    53. There are a set of rosary beads hanging in your car.
    54. You know the order of the prayers in the rosary by heart.
    55. You say the entire rosary every night.
    56. You say grace before you take a bite of your dinner.
    57. You sit in the back of the church when you arrive late to mass.
    58. You’ve had a crush on someone who decided to take holy orders or join a religious order.
    59. You’ve thought about taking holy orders or joining a religious order.
    60. You’ve taken holy orders or joined a religious order.
    61. You know the Hail Mary backward and forward.
    62. You can recite the Lord’s Prayer in your sleep.
    63. You don’t eat meat on Fridays during Lent.
    64. You give up a bad habit during Lent.
    65. And you feel guilty when you cheat during Lent.
    66. You pray to St. Anthony when you lose something.
    67. You pray to St. Jude when you’re in a desperate situation.
    68. You wear a St. Christopher medal when you travel.
    69. You’ve heard enough lectures about abstinence to last you a lifetime.
    70. You’re lazy on Sundays.
    71. You know all 10 commandments by heart.
    72. You get excited to put money in the collection basket during mass.
    73. You’ve explained the Catechism to someone.
    74. You know all three parts of the Holy Trinity.
    75. You were created from a rib.
    76. One of your parents embarrassingly taught your CCD class.
    77. You’ve completed or plan on completing Pre-Cana.
    78. You survived Vacation Bible School camp.
    79. You’ve made a cross out of palms on Palm Sunday.
    80. You think you’re a pretty pious person.
    81. You spent time as an altar server.
    82. You get excited when the priest blesses the congregation with holy water and it actually touches you.
    83. You sing along when you hear “Ave Maria.”
    84. You’ve been to confession.
    85. You’ve been nervous to go to confession.
    86. You know when to stand, kneel, and sit during mass without someone telling you.
    87. You have a great appreciation for stained glass windows.
    88. You’ve zoned out during mass while staring at stained glass windows.
    89. You don’t think creationism is actually that far-fetched.
    90. You’ve been to the Vatican.
    91. You watch mass on TV if you can’t make it to church.
    92. You’ve read “The Da Vinci Code.”
    93. Your favorite quotes are all Bible verses.
    94. You keep a bottle of Holy Water in your home.
    95. You have an account on
    96. You met your significant other on
    97. You’d rather laugh with the sinners than cry with the Saints.
    98. “May God bless you. The mass has ended. Go in peace.” are your favorite words to hear on Sunday.
    99. You try your best to be a good samaritan.
    100. You live your life according to the Golden Rule.

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