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    22 Hilarious Jim Boeheim Ejection Memes Circulating The Internet

    "I am not so sure I entirely regret it." The internet doesn't regret it, either.

    When the Syracuse Orange lost to Duke last Saturday, Feb. 22, Jim Boeheim charged the floor of the court in the last few seconds of the game.

    The internet then seized this opportunity to make one of funniest memes in college basketball.

    1. Skiing Boeheim.

    #Cuse Coach Jim Boeheim has become a Meme...

    2. Star Wars Boeheim.

    My 1st Jim Boeheim Meme. Hope everyone at @NunesMagician @Cusememes and @DrunkCuseFan likes it. #Cuse #OrangeNation

    3. King of Pop Boeheim.

    No need for drama. Jim Boeheim was just honoring Michael Jackson.

    4. Borat Boeheim.

    5. Jurassic Park Boeheim.

    @MikeAndMike @Espngreeny @espngolic My Jim Boeheim meme

    6. Noah and Allie Boeheim.

    7. Angkor Wat Boeheim.

    8. Elbow drop Boeheim.

    9. Forrest Boeheim.

    10. "Baywatch" Boeheim.

    Jim Boeheim's spectacular ejection

    11. "Happy Clouds" Boeheim.

    12. Sharknado Boeheim.

    Getting weird with Jim Boeheim

    13. Photobombing Boeheim.

    14. Puft Boeheim.

    15. Homer vs. Boeheim.

    16. King of the World Boeheim.

    17. Running with the bulls Boeheim.

    Boeheim running with the bulls (ht @wazzusjobu for the idea)

    18. Breaking Boeheim.

    19. Castle Court Boeheim.

    20. Jedi Boeheim.

    21. The Walking Boeheim.

    One more "Angry Jim Boeheim" meme from me for @Cusememes, #Cuse fans, & #OrangeNation fans of #TheWalkingDead, Enjoy

    22. Where is Boeheim?