About That "Welcome To Your Tape" Meme Inspired By "13 Reasons Why"...

    "Can the 'welcome to your tape' meme not be a thing because you all are completely missing the point of the show."

    If you've been on Twitter these days, you've probably seen a lot of this.

    Me: Can I get some guac too? Chipotle Employee: Guacamole is extra. Me: Welcome to your tape.

    And this.

    Waitress: is Pepsi okay? Me: welcome to your tape

    The "welcome to your tape" meme is a reference to 13 Reasons Why, a Netflix series based on the YA novel of the same name. It tells the story of a teenager named Hannah Baker who kills herself and leaves behind a box of cassette tapes for some of her classmates to listen to.

    Each tape is dedicated to a particular person who she believes wronged her.

    On the very first tape, Hannah explains, "If you're listening to this tape, you were one of the reasons why. I'm not saying which tape brings you into the story, but fear not, if you received this lovely little box, your name will pop up. I promise."

    When she's recounting her experiences, it isn't always immediately clear which classmate Hannah is talking about. After doing a little explaining at the beginning of each tape, she then specifies who she's talking about when she says the phrase "Welcome to your tape."

    It's something she repeats throughout the series.

    A lot of people have used the "welcome to your tape" phrase to make jokes about the show.

    13 reasons why Hannah: Can we stop at mcdonalds? Her mom: You got mcdonalds money? Hannah: Welcome to your tape

    #13reasonswhy Hannah: Can I borrow your charger ? Random student : sorry but my phone is about to die Hannah:Welcome to your tape

    13 reasons why Hannah-*smiles at stranger* Stranger-*doesn't smile back* Hannah-"Welcome to your Tape"

    13 Reasons Why: Hannah: Hey can I have a piece of gum? Kid: Sorry that was my last piece. Hannah: Welcome to your tape...

    But it's even become a meme outside of 13 Reasons Why.

    me: *buys something* bank account: *removes the money from my account* me: welcome to your tape

    Me: I hope today's a light practice Coach: We're only going to need running shoes today Me: Welcome to your tape

    *Facetime Unavailable* Me: Welcome to your tape

    On April 18, Netflix even used it to diss Hulu.

    Welcome to your tape https://t.co/juAMcd0jjU

    But some think the meme is inappropriate and makes light of suicide.

    friendly reminders: 1. don't romanticise suicide 2. the 'welcome to your tape' meme isn't funny 3. alex deserved better #13ReasonsWhy

    okay can the "welcome to your tape" meme not be a thing because you all are completely missing the point of the show

    this "welcome to your tape" meme lowkey promotes the idea that Hannah was overreacting + belittles the reasons of her suicide but whatevs

    When reached, a publicist for Netflix said they had no comment about the meme and their use of it.