Here's What A Normal Day Looks Like For Jennifer Aniston, According To Instagram

    Ballet, salad, and hanging out with her dogs. Who knew?

    On Thursday, May 21, Jennifer Aniston used Instagram to show us what a normal day for her looks like.

    First, we got to see what she eats for breakfast.

    Then we got a small glimpse into her ballet skills, and a cute pic of her dog, Dolly.

    Aniston was kind enough to bless us with this #TBT photo of her in a flowing, floral dress.

    Not quite the Rachel, but still gorgeous!

    Behold! A photo of some eggs from the chicken coop that Aniston has at her house. (Maybe that's where her breakfast came from?)

    Now we all know the ingredients for the *perfect* salad, according to the actor's tastes.

    Here's everything she uses to make that beautiful hair look so beautiful.

    Also, just in case you were wondering, Aniston is reading The Girl on the Train and loves it so much that she was late to dinner.

    Look! It's Aniston's other dog, Sophie! Sophie apparently loves cucumbers.

    And of course, she heads off to bed in glorious fashion.

    Just a ~ day in the life. ~