Here's The Coloring Book Every "Breaking Bad" Fan Needs In Their Life

    Make sure you stay inside the lines, bitch!

    Breaking Bad fans, rejoice! There's finally a coloring book filled with illustrations of our favorite characters from the AMC television series.

    The coloring book is illustrated by Jen Lewis, an illustrator for BuzzFeed's BFF who originally came up with the idea in a 2013 post titled, "The Breaking Bad Coloring Book."

    "At the time, I was re-watching all of Breaking Bad and couldn't get it out of my head, so the two felt like a match made in heaven," Lewis told BuzzFeed.

    "Combining a gritty adult TV show with a coloring book feels familiar and foreign at the same time."

    She explained that this is "where things get weird and fun."

    And Lewis said her favorite character to draw was Hank.

    "I thought I'd like drawing Jesse the most, but nope!"

    The illustrator also thinks adults are into coloring books because they're therapeutic, nostalgic, and ironic.

    "By replacing butterflies and rainbows with Walter White's meth lab and Jesse Pinkman's black eye, it feels like we're breaking the rules a bit, y'know?"

    Breaking Bad: Cookin' Up Some Color, Yo: A badass coloring & activity book for grown-ups is on sale now.