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    Here's A Sneak Peek At The "Boy Meets World" Reunion In The "Girl Meets World" Series Finale

    So much is happening!

    On Friday, Jan. 20, the Disney Channel will air its very last episode of Girl Meets World.

    Disney Channel

    The network canceled the show early in January, making the Season 3 finale, "Girl Meets Goodbye," the series finale.

    Disney Channel / Via

    Even though the show is coming to a close, GMW will still have one last Boy Meets World reunion, complete with Eric Matthews (Will Friedle) and Mr. Feeny (Williams Daniels).


    Here's a sneak peek at what goes down between the original crew and the GMW characters, exclusively on BuzzFeed News.

    Facebook: video.php

    It's definitely something special.


    Brace yourselves for yet another emotional goodbye.


    We'll miss you all!

    Ron Tom / Disney Channel

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