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The "Friends" Cast Gave A Special Shout-Out To Matthew Perry

"We experienced friendship, family, heartbreak, babies, everything together."

Earlier this month, NBC released the first promo for its upcoming tribute to James Burrows, which meant we got to see five of the six Friends cast members together and reunited!

And now the network posted the first full clips of the cast members' interview with Andy Cohen.

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To start the interview, Andy Cohen said, "Everyone's wanted a Friends reunion for so long and it took one man to get you all together."

And Matt LeBlanc immediately jumped in and corrected Cohen, because they're not ALL together.


Aniston went on to say that they would all do anything for Burrows because he gave them the "opportunity of a lifetime" and "the 10 best years of [their] acting careers that [they] will forever remember."

"He really encouraged us all to sort of get along and get to know one another and be kind to one another and support one another and watch one another and help one another," LeBlanc continued.

Kudrow also said, "We instinctively felt like, we need to be friends and we need to get along and we need to connect."

Most important, could they BE any happier to be back together?!

😊 😊 😊

All smiles!

At one point, the cast members reminisce about their experiences with James Burrows (or as they call him, Jimmy), and Lisa Kudrow asks David Schwimmer if he had to audition for the role of Ross in front of Burrows.

Schwimmer responded...

...but in classic Phoebe fashion, Kudrow jokingly put him in his place.


Looks like a fun gang.

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