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17 Times You Really, Really Wanted To Use "Get Off My Jock" As A Comeback

No, I'm not going to settle down anytime soon. Get off my jock, Grandma.

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1. When your bank sends you a notification that your checking account is overdrawn.

2. When your teacher calls on you to answer a question but you weren't paying attention.

3. When your grandparents ask you when you're planning to settle down and get married.

4. When your landlord reminds you that your rent is due.

5. When your boss gives you a hard assignment to finish by 5 p.m. on a Friday.

6. When you get a phone call or email from Sallie Mae.

7. When you watch a commercial telling you to get your beach body ready.

8. When there's an annoying, drunk person who keeps bumping into you at the bar.

9. When your roommate tells you to clean your dirty dishes that you left in the sink.

10. When your parents pester you about sending out job applications.

11. When your friend meets your significant other and tells you that you can do better.

12. When you have your read receipts on and your friend gets mad that you didn't text them back.


13. When your classmate asks if you think you studied enough for your final.

14. When you're not ready to commit but your current bae asks what your relationship status is.

15. When you've already apologized to your friend but they won't let you forget the past.

16. When you're at a restaurant that shows calories on their menu.

17. When someone picks on every little thing you do to try and start drama.

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