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    29 Of The Most Iconic Lines From "The Devil Wears Prada"

    That's all.

    1. When Miranda used sarcasm to get her point across.

    2. When Andy heard this sentence for the millionth time from basically everyone in her life.

    3. When Emily delivered the best one-liner of all time.

    4. When Miranda had no patience.

    5. When Emily had to convince herself she loved her job because things were so terrible.

    6. When Nigel enlightened Andy about the industry she worked in.

    7. When Andy was new to her job, and to fashion.

    8. When Emily just couldn't deal with Andy.

    9. When Andy first interviewed with Miranda.

    10. When Nigel was confused about what Andy was doing in Runway's office.

    11. When Miranda had to make a tough choice.

    12. When Emily tried to teach Andy an important lesson.

    13. When Miranda wasn't afraid to be blunt with her assistant.

    14. When Miranda entered her office and her presence caused emotional distress and chaos.

    15. When Andy defended slander against Miranda.

    16. When Miranda didn't have time for dumb people.

    17. When Emily delivered this hard truth.

    18. When Miranda just wanted her coffee.

    19. When Emily wasn't shy about her priorities.

    20. When Andy vented to her boyfriend about Miranda.

    21. When Andy told it like it was.

    22. When Emily tried her best to get through to Andy.

    23. When Miranda had high expectations for her employees.

    24. When Emily gave Andy strict instructions.

    25. When Emily explained her beauty routine.

    26. When Andy had no tolerance for Christian Thompson calling her his baby.

    27. When Miranda finally came around to Andy.

    28. When Andy and Emily patched things up.

    29. When Miranda was the most iconic fictional boss in history.