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23 Faces Everyone Who's Been On A Really Bad Date Has Made

It's not your fault if you can't hide how awful of a time you're having.

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1. The "did this person just admit they already internet stalked me?" face:

AMC / Via

2. The "Oh crap I just remembered this person already hooked up with my BFF" face:

Warner Bros. Television / Via

3. The "why are they getting so emotional about their past?" face:

4. The "I can't believe they just said that out loud" face:

NBC / Via

5. The "OMG did they really just bring up their ex AGAIN?!" face:

VH1 / Via

6. The "why does such a hot person have to be so ignorant?" face:

7. The "are they seriously going to talk about themselves all night?" face:

Fox / Via

8. The "since we obviously have no future I'd really rather just leave now" face:

9. The "I don't think this person could love anyone as much as they seem to love themselves" face:

Disney / Via

10. The "they don't look anything like their Tinder pic, but it's too late to cancel the date" face:

11. The "I wonder if they're just as miserable as I am" face:

12. The "did they seriously just ask me to Venmo them $5 for my beer?" face:

13. The "I need more wine to survive this conversation, where is the bartender?" face:

ABC / Via

14. The "I wonder if I can check what time it is without them noticing" face:

15. The "I need an excuse for why I can't go out with them again" face:

16. The "I am absolutely not going home with you tonight" face:

17. The "I'm going to lose it if I have to sit through one more offensive joke" face:

HBO / Via

18. The "it's too late to apologize" face:

19. The "and here come the mommy/daddy issues" face:

Netflix / Via

20. The "sorry my ride is here and no you're not getting a kiss goodnight" face:

21. The "it's actually *not* funny to make a rude joke about my job" face:

Fox / Via

22. The "I can't believe they just checked their new Tinder match while I'm sitting right here" face:

NBC / Via

23. The "I'm probably going to spend the rest of my life alone" face:

Fox / Via

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