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    Everyone's Freaking Out About Cyrus Beene On This Week's "Scandal"

    "When you look up messy in the dictionary, you see Cyrus's face." (SPOILERS for anyone who hasn't seen the Feb. 9 episode.)

    The Feb. 9 episode of Scandal was CRAZY, as usual.


    We finally got some insight into the details of Frankie Vargas's death, and unsurprisingly, Cyrus Beene seemed to be at the center of it all.


    Fitz opened an investigation into the murder of Vargas because of footage Olivia Pope & Associates found in which the late president-elect and Cyrus were fighting. In flashbacks, we saw Cyrus ask Tom to "take care" of a woman who worked on the campaign and who he thought was having an affair with Vargas. It turned out she wasn't actually sleeping with the candidate, but not before Tom attacked her.

    Apparently, that wasn't all the two of them were up to: In addition to being romantically involved, Tom asked Cyrus if he wanted him to help make him the president, implying Tom would kill Vargas. And Cyrus agreed.

    There were some super intense moments in the episode, eventually ending with Cyrus heading to jail because Tom confessed to the murder of Frankie Vargas under Cyrus's orders. That also meant that Mellie became the president-elect (at least until next week).


    People were shocked, to say the least.

    The last 5 minutes of #Scandal got me like @shondarhimes @kerrywashington #TGIT

    Scandal just got LIT ASF !! #Scandal @kerrywashington

    Me sitting in bed knowing that Shonda has something planned since things are looking good for Mellie #Scandal

    Some compared the episode's events to what's going on in the US.

    Liv fixed the country in 3 weeks... meanwhile, in real life #Scandal

    It's really hard to follow the news if you miss five hours of it but it's also an AMAZING HIGH kind of like absinthe crossed with Scandal.

    Soon he'll be kite surfing WITH #Obama ! #Scandal #tgit

    Others simply couldn't get over everything that's going on with Cyrus.

    When you look up messy in the dictionary you see Cyrus' face. #Scandal

    Cyrus thinking he was quicker than a trained agent to get that gun... #Scandal

    This Tom & Cyrus Plotline is too much #Scandal

    Cyrus jumping to conclusions like... #Scandal

    It was a roller coaster of emotions.


    When Tom started barking: #Scandal @bletscher @jscandalp

    Bark like a dog... a big dog. #Scandal @jscandalp @bletscher @kerrywashington

    We'll just leave you with this little thought:

    never forget cyrus killed his own damn husband... he is a cold blooded manipulator at his core. #Scandal

    Until next TGIT!

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