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    Posted on Jun 8, 2016

    Beyoncé Sneezed Mid-Concert And Everyone Lost Their Minds

    She sneezed on the beat and the beat got sicker.

    Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter, our Queen and savior, is as close to perfection as a human being could ever get.

    She's flawlessly beautiful, and she has the vocal chords of an angel and the overall candor of a saint.

    Her utter perfection has led most of us to believe she's more godlike than anything else, always reaching new heights and achieving the unthinkable.


    This is why everyone freaked out last night when Beyoncé sneezed on stage at her New York City Formation Tour performance.

    I mean, can you blame them?

    She sneezed just like every other human in the world.

    We rarely think of Beyoncé as one of our peers...

    ...but this super-important cultural moment proves that the Queen is JUST LIKE US.

    It was clearly life-changing.

    What a time to be alive.

    👑 👑 👑

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