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Eric And The Kid He Almost Adopted On "Boy Meets World" Had The Perfect Reunion

"You grew up to be a really good person." All the tears.

Season 2 of Girl Meets World has been full of Boy Meets World references, characters, and storylines.

And a few weeks ago there was an especially emotional reunion between Eric Matthews and Tommy, the little boy he almost adopted in Season 6 of BMW.

In "Girl Meets Mr. Squirrels Goes to Washington," Eric decides to run for New York senator. He's already the mayor of a small town called St. Upidtown, and is the underdog against a more established politician.

He's approached by a stranger in Topanga's coffee shop who has it out for the competition and offers to help with Eric's campaign.

Eric seems slightly skeptical at first but ends up accepting his help.

Because, well, he's Eric.

Everything comes to a head when there's a senatorial debate at John Quincy Adams Middle School.

Eric is asked what he could possibly know about advocating for children's rights since he doesn't have any kids of his own.

His campaign manager quickly jumps to his defense, revealing that he's actually Tommy, all grown up.

He's even played by the same actor, J.B. Gaynor.

(Important: Topanga made these noticeably appropriate faces when she realized who T.J. actually was.)

Tommy was the little boy who Eric loved and mentored.

He lived at St. Mary's orphanage and really wanted Eric to adopt him.

Even though that's what Eric wanted too, he ultimately didn't.

Because he wanted Tommy to have the best life possible, which he couldn't give him at the time.

As it turns out, Tommy remembered Eric after all those years and was grateful for his decision to give him up.

Their reunion was ~emotional~ to say the least.

All the tears!