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21 Drake Vines That You'll Want To Watch Back To Back


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1. When Drake revolutionized what it means to be a hype man.

2. When Drake just let the music take over his whole body.

3. When Drake showed you the right way to say, "Squad."

4. When Drake was 360 with the wrist, boy.

5. When Drake forgot how to dance for a quick sec.

6. When Degrassi Drake didn't have time for any fakes.

7. When Drake inspired you not to care about your haters.

8. When mini Drake was the cutest Drake of all.

9. When Drake was the ultimate Turn Up God.

10. When Drake was the realest even back in his Degrassi days.

11. When Drake was the hottest person to ever do the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

12. When Drake faked a British accent.

13. When Drake had all the moves.

14. When Drake lit up on stage with Wiz.

15. When Drake read a tweet that said he looked like Voldemort.

16. When Drake ran through the 6 a little too fast.

17. When Drake was Steph Curry with the shot, boy.

18. When Drake made you LOL as Lil' Wayne on SNL.

19. When Drake showed you how to party in the studio.

20. When Drake put a different spin on the Shmoney Dance.

21. When Drake kept it 8 more than 92 with you. 💯

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