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Drake Rapped A Diss Track For Everyone Who Pissed Him Off On "SNL"

Oh man, oh man. Not again.

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Last summer, Meek Mill's tweets aimed at Drake caused the rappers to enter a bit of a feud. The end result was Drake's song titled "Back to Back" in which he went *IN* on his once-collaborator and friend.

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And on Saturday night, Drake poked fun at his iconic diss track in a skit for SNL.

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The video takes us through a day in the life of Drake on set.

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And how he feels angry and betrayed by different cast members for slighting him.

In classic Drake fashion, the rapper responds by spitting bars and completely taking down the actors.

All the while, the beat to "Back to Back" plays in the background.

Even Lorne Michaels is on the receiving end of Drizzy's wrath.

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😂 😂 😂

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Moral of the story: No one should want to beef with Drake.

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No one.

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