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    Drake Expertly Trash-Talked An NBA Player At Last Night's Game

    Live on TNT, he's flexing.

    Drake has already proven himself to be one of the NBA's biggest fans.

    (Srsly, it's no secret. At all.)

    The winning coach of the NBA All-Star celebrity game @Drake #NBAAllStarTO

    And at Monday night's Raptors vs. Bulls game at Air Canada Centre in Toronto, Drake let the world in on another one his major talents.

    No, he might not be as tall as the rest of the NBA players whom he admire so much.

    And he might not be as athletic.

    But he *IS* one mean trash-talker.

    TNT / Via

    Last night when the Chicago Bulls were up by three points with only about 26 seconds left in the game, Justin Holiday was put in charge of inbounding the ball to his teammates.

    But the rapper took advantage of his courtside seats and stood behind Holiday, visibly talking in his ear and trying to distract the Bulls' guard.

    It looks like Drake's trash-talking worked!

    TNT / Via

    Because Holiday failed to throw the ball in from out of bounds, causing a 5-second violation and giving the Raptors the ball.

    TNT / Via

    Even though Toronto ended up losing the game, 107–109...

    TNT / Via

    ...everyone in the NBA better watch out now that we know Drizzy really is a secret weapon.

    TNT / Via

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