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Apparently Drake And Rihanna Are Dating Again And We Are All Blessed

"You spent some time away..."

We've all been blessed recently due to the fact that there's been no shortage of Drake and Rihanna sightings.

After releasing two songs together in 2016 ("Work" off ANTI and "Too Good" from Views), Drizzy and RiRi have been performing together in different cities around the world.

Did y'all see that? πŸ‘€ @drake πŸ’‹ @Rihanna 😍 #ANTIWorldTour Manchester 🎈

They've also been seen clubbing together until the wee hours of the morning and being super ~flirtatious,~ fueling rumors that they might be more than friends.

The two have a long, complicated history. Not only have they worked together as collaborators since 2010, but they've also dated on and off for the past six years as well.

Jeff Gross / Via Getty Images

They've both also publicly been with other people in between, but they always seem to find their way back to each other.

And now, apparently Aubrih is back at it again, according to E! News.

E! News says they've "learned that the two stars are dating again, and that the feelings never faded on Drake's end."

S Fernandez / Via Splash News
S Fernandez / Via Splash News

A source told them, "He still loves her and never stopped. Rihanna is the one that's been not wanting to settle down in the past. They are having fun spending time with each other. Their music together got them close."


Please, God, let this be true.