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    DJ Ruckus Is So Hot That It Physically Hurts

    *Fans self*

    This is DJ Ruckus.

    He's had a DJ residency in Las Vegas since 2013.

    And also performs all around the world with Rev Run.

    Most importantly, DJ Ruckus is really, really, hot.

    Like... basically flawless.

    Especially when he's not wearing a shirt.

    He's got one hell of a smile.

    And doesn't look too shabby surrounded by life's finer things.

    ~ dapper ~

    He even looks cute standing next to Usher.

    Did I mention that Ruckus looks good without a shirt on?

    Because he does.

    He really, really does.

    Hello gorgeous.

    Imagine being on the other end of that mic.

    *fans self*

    Thanks for you blessing us with your beauty, Ruckus.

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