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    DJ Khaled Can't Stop Asking If The Drake Vocals Have Come In Yet

    "Chill, everything's top secret."

    DJ Khaled has not been shy about discussing his upcoming 10th studio album, Grateful, and that his four-month-old son, Asahd, is an executive producer on the album.

    Khaled often talks about the project with Asahd, publicly posting videos of their "conversations" on Snapchat and Instagram.

    And recently, DJ Khaled has been focusing on one question related to Grateful: "Did the Drake vocals come in yet?"

    DJ Khaled is responsible for producing the song, but it seems like he's still waiting on Drake's vocals.

    Since he's asked that same question like, a million times.

    Just like everything else with Khaled, a lot of people have started to repeat his question...

    ...and have turned it into a meme of sorts.

    Some have even created fan art in response to the question.

    In response, Drake apparently posted this video on his ~secret Snapchat~ which then made its way onto DJ Khaled's Snapchat and Instagram accounts. The rapper did a pretty spot on impression of Khaled:

    But we still don't actually know: DID the Drake vocals come in yet?

    This collab better be fire.

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