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    Here's What Daniel Radcliffe Looks Like As A Farting Corpse

    Well, this sure is different.

    Swiss Army Man is a new film starring Paul Dano and Daniel Radcliffe. They're just a couple of buds hanging out and going through life's hardships together and whatnot.

    Oh, also, Radcliffe (Manny) is actually a corpse who washes up on shore and is found by Dano's character (Hank), who is shipwrecked and suicidal.

    And now since the official trailer dropped, we can see just how bizarre the film is going to be.

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    It looks like Hank makes the decision to carry Manny off the beach and bring him along for the rest of his journey.

    But not before he hears Manny's corpse let out a big ole' fart.

    Eventually, Manny even starts talking to Hank.

    And Hank isn't sure if he's making it all up in his head or if it's actually real.

    They even form a, err...

    ...friendship of sorts.


    You can see Swiss Army Man in theaters starting on June 17.