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Boston College Used Drake's Mixtape Cover To Recruit A High School Player

"If You're Reading This You Should Commit To Boston College."

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Seth Dawkins is a high school football player from Ohio.

Even though the wide receiver doesn't graduate until 2016, he's already getting recruited from top colleges.

Louisville visit 😁😎🙌 #UofL

And has been posting about his visits on Twitter.

Most recently, Dawkins posted this letter he apparently received from Boston College:

Shout out to Boston College! This is hard lol 👌👌

Look familiar?

Yep, Drake's mixtape cover is now being used to recruit high school athletes.

They even went as far as including Drizzy's 6 God logo on the letter.

Good luck on your decision, Seth. 🙏

Mark Metcalfe / Getty Images

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