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    Bob Saget Knows It Goes Down In The DMs

    It go down.

    "Sliding into your DMs like" has become one of the most iconic memes on the internet.

    It's so popular because, at one point or another, everyone has either slid into someone's DMs ~or~ has been hit on via direct message.

    What a time to be alive.

    Meme Crunch / Via

    The phenomenon has truly reached extravagant levels of prominence, even leading to a song called "Down In The DM" by Yo Gotti.

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    It go down.

    And now it appears that Bob Saget has discovered Yo Gotti's song...

    ...since he tweeted some of the lyrics out last night.

    Yes, Bob Saget...aka Danny Tanner.

    ABC / Via

    But maybe this shouldn't surprise any of us, given there's also...this version of Bob Saget.

    And also, the actor's been known to tweet out some of his fav hip hop lyrics in the past.

    Best of luck to you and your DMs, Bob.

    ABC / Via

    *slides into your DMs like*

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