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    Blue Ivy Looked So Adorable In This Lemon-Patterned Dress In Honor Of Her Mom

    Slay, Blue!

    Thanks to Beyoncé, the most creative genius of our time, we are all now living in a historic era due to the aftermath of her latest visual album, Lemonade.

    And thanks to Tina Knowles Lawson's A+ Instagram account, fans were able to get a behind-the-scenes look at the singer's life, post-Lemonade.

    Tina posted this photo of Bey holding a mason jar full of lemonade after the HBO special ended.


    And Tina *also* posted this super cute photo of Blue Ivy wearing a lemon-patterned dress!

    In the photo caption, she even confirmed that this was Blue's way of celebrating "her mom's album."

    Blue Ivy does have a demonstrated history of being her mom's biggest fan and letting her know how much she loves her.

    Loud and proud! Tell 'em, Blue!

    Not to mention, the four-year-old also makes a cameo in the music video for "Formation," a song that's featured on Lemonade.

    So by wearing this adorable dress, she's celebrating Beyoncé AND herself.

    Keep slaying, Blue!