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27 Lessons "30 Rock" Taught You About Friendship

Those ice cream saps will rue the day they ever tangled with the Best Friends Gang.

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1. You never feel lonely when your friends are around.

2. And when you do spend enough time together, your similarities start to show.

3. You and your friends even end up influencing each other.

4. Eventually, you can even read each other's minds.


5. There isn't a limit to how many times you can ask them for help.

6. And they're always there to give you important advice.

7. It's important for friends to always be on the same page.

8. And stay in solidarity together.


9. They don't shy away from laying on some tough love.

10. Even if you don't necessarily want to hear it.

11. They'll let you know when you need to start practicing more self-care.

12. You have inside jokes only you understand.


13. Slumber parties are always more fun with your friends.

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14. And sharing clothes is always an option.

15. Your friends know what you need even when you don't.

16. And they know when you need a hug after a tough day.


17. Friends know they can always speak honestly.

18. And it's OK to envy each other's lives from time to time.

19. Friends encourage you to go out on Friday night when all you want to do is sit on your couch in your pajamas.

20. They're also a strong support system when you need someone to have your back.


21. Friendship means being there for each other during good times.

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22. And bad times too.

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23. Your friends are usually on the receiving end of your latest emotional crisis.

24. Because quality friends can be just as good as family.


25. Positivity is important to sustaining the perfect friendship.

26. You can count on them to help you celebrate life's big milestones.

27. And they'll always love you no matter what — quirks and all.

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