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32 Photos Of The "Jane The Virgin" Cast Hanging Out In Real Life

Inhala, exhala.

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1. Jane the Virgin is currently one of the best shows on television.

2. ~Obviously.~

3. And not only is this fictional world incredibly lovable, but so are their off-screen moments.

4. The cast has a ton of chemistry that translates on-screen, as well.

5. And they take a ton of behind-the-scenes photos that show how well they all get along.

6. Rafael and Michael (Justin Baldoni and Brett Dier) basically have the cutest bromance in Hollywood.

7. And look! It's Jane and Petra (Gina Rodriguez and Yael Grobglas) actually sharing a laugh!

8. This gorgeous TV family is just as beautiful when they're not on camera.

9. Amiright??

10. Lol.

11. Like fictional mother, like fictional son.

12. And like fictional father, like fictional daughter.

13. Did you know that Jane and Rafael's son, Mateo, is actually played by twins?

14. The cast never misses an opportunity to take an A+ selfie.

15. Or to make bizarre, silly faces that no one else can compete with.

16. *Especially* Michael. His silly-face game is strong.

17. 😂 😂 😂

18. Evil twin sisters? Actually, not that evil IRL!

19. Slay, Abuela (Ivonne Coll)!

20. TV couples who pig out together, stay together.

21. Hellllloooooo Professor Chavez!

22. Good to know Raf is also a part-time hairstylist.

23. Gasp! Sin Rostro!

24. Best love triangle ever.

25. Errrr, actually, maybe this is the best love triangle?

26. Look at these lovable goofballs.

27. It looks like they're always making one another L-O-L.

28. And have grown to be really, really close while filming.

29. It's clear how much the cast members genuinely care about each other.

30. And how much their friendships have already grown.

31. They even celebrate the holidays together.

32. Jane the Virgin really is one big happy family!

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