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    18 Awkward Things That Happen When You're Terrible At Flirting

    When you try to be sexy but just end up with red lipstick on your teeth. According to what people are saying on Whisper.

    1. When you mistakenly insult someone instead of complimenting them:

    2. When you get all tongue-tied:

    3. When you can't seem to find the right words to use:

    4. When you're so awkward that things get the worst way possible:

    5. When you go too far:

    6. When having a simple conversation becomes an impossible task:

    7. When you literally don't know what to say:

    8. When you clumsily forget how to walk:

    9. When you try to be sexy but just end up with lipstick on your teeth:

    10. When your crush doesn't understand your joke:

    11. When you get a little crazy on social media:

    12. When you think it's a good idea to quote Avril Lavigne lyrics:

    13. When you try to give someone a cute nickname, but it's not cute at all:

    14. When you're unintentionally flirting and don't even realize it:

    15. When you act like a know-it-all:

    16. When your natural instinct is to be mean to your crush:

    17. When Pokémon is the only conversation topic you can discuss:

    18. When the only thing that gets you is a bag of Doritos:

    For more confessions be sure to check out Whisper.

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