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    Anna Kendrick's Book Cover For "Scrappy Little Nobody" Is Finally Here

    We can't wait until November!

    Everyone knows there's a *LOT* to love about Anna Kendrick.

    The Pitch Perfect star is adorable, talented, and goofy AF.

    And this November, the actor is also publishing a book of essays titled Scrappy Little Nobody.

    Check out how gorgeous the book cover is!

    Touchstone Books

    And here's an excerpt from the book that Kendrick also shared on Instagram:

    Sometimes I like to run around photo shoots all carefree and wild, as a layer of protection. When I stay still, and focus all my attention and energy on being the best little model I can be and still I get looks of disappointment and confusion because I don’t look like Kendall Jenner, it hurts my tiny feelings. (No one should be compared to Kendall Jenner. It’s cruel and unusual.) So I run around a little. I’m not an un-photographable troll! I’m just a little scamp who’s not focused!

    Yep, we're just as excited as you are, Anna!

    Scrappy Little Nobody comes out on Nov. 15, and we can't wait to read more!

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