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    Angelica Pickles' Best 18 Lines On "Rugrats"

    "Sometimes I wish I could be you, just so I could be friends with me."

    18. When she put those dumb babies in their place:

    17. When she confused inspiration and aspiration, but still had her priorities right:

    16. When she loved herself more than anything:

    15. When she was the ultimate reigning queen:

    14. When she taught people how to be as beautiful as her:

    13. When she was plotting and scheming on someone else's cookie:

    12. When she tried to enlighten Lil about what being a princess is like:

    11. When she was the most feminist toddler of all time:

    10. When life had her down:

    9. When she wasn't afraid to tell everyone who's the boss:

    8. When she only ate the world's best breakfast:

    7. When she had the hardships of love all figured it out:

    6. When she tried to give Cynthia important life advice:

    5. When she kept it real:

    4. When she thought a little honesty couldn't hurt:

    3. When she was leagues ahead of the rest of her playmates:

    2. When she was really feeling herself, and rightfully so:

    1. When she accurately summed up adulthood: