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Carmelo Anthony Actually Does Like Vanessa Carlton's "A Thousand Miles"

"Making my way downtown..."

Even though the Olympics haven't officially started yet, the US men's basketball team is already off to a fun start. The team has been bonding and having a good time together...

Ethan Miller / Via Getty Images that time they all sang along to "A Thousand Miles" by Vanessa Carlton.

While most of the team was letting loose and jamming out, it may have seemed like Melo wasn't THAT into Carlton's classic single.

Demar DeRozan / Via

Like, at all.

Demar DeRozan / Via

But have no fear! It turns out that Carmelo Anthony is, in fact, a fan of "A Thousand Miles."

Columbia Pictures / Via

In a recent interview, Anthony explained he's just not a morning person.

"They know I don't like early mornings man, so that was Jimmy [Butler]'s playlist," he said. "I'm taking the playlist back from him. I'm taking the speakers back from him. No more music."

ESPN / Via

"I actually like that song, though," Anthony continued. "I like the movie White Chicks, but they got me early in the morning."

ESPN / Via

So, for the record, you can play "A Thousand Miles" around Carmelo Anthony...

Columbia Pictures / Via long as it's at a decent hour of the day.

Demar DeRozan / Via

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