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32 Adorable Photos Of The "Girl Meets World" Cast Hanging Out In Real Life

♫ I feel alright, I'm gonna take on the world ♫

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1. This is the modern-day Matthews family, aka the cast of Girl Meets World.

"The Matthews family"

2. The first season of the show premiered in June, but the cast has been working together for about a year now.

"Episode 21"

3. And it seems like the cast has become pretty close.

"Father and son #GirlMeetsWorld"

4. Although, to be fair, some of the cast members happen to go way back.


5. Rowan Blanchard (Riley Matthews) and her TV dad Ben Savage look like they get along famously.

"Backstage at the #RDMAs with @rowanblanchard"

6. And have a lot of fun with each other, even when the cameras aren't on.

"Coffee and Conversation at La Conversation with the father. @bensavage"

7. Sabrina Carpenter (Riley's best friend, Maya) calls the Girl Meets World Crew her "family."

"So glad I got to see part of my family today! Love you guys. Miss you @bensavage @rowanblanchard"

8. The two best friends on the show are also best friends in real life!

9. And as everyone knows, friends who take selfies together stay together.

"Blair and Serena are back in the big city. Xoxo, Gossip Girl."

10. Ben and Rowan spend time giving back to the community.

"Read Across America with @rowanblanchard"

11. They also travel the world together.

"Love this town"

12. Posing, like father like daughter.

"Out and about in London"

13. "Beauty and the Beast," according to Savage.

"Beauty and the Beast"

14. They celebrated Danielle Fishel's birthday together.

"Lunch with the the beautiful birthday girl. You are so incredibly talented and I am so happy I can call you my role model. I love you. @daniellefishel"

15. And they got really excited when they found this poster walking around Disneyland.

"Guys, it's amazingly insanely crazily unbelievably weird to be waking around in disneyland when BAM. [there are not enough words to describe the overwhelming butterflies in my stomach when I saw this."

16. Here they are hanging out in the Associated Press' newsroom.

17. And at a Los Angeles Dodgers game.

"What a night #kershaw #nohitter"

18. They look like they're comfortable enough around each other to act goofy and silly.

"Love this cast"

19. ~ cuties ~

"Big brother! And the best part of this photo is that @raeganlol is creeping in the background"

20. They definitely don't hate spending time together.

"One day till #GirlMeetsWorld ? I guess you could say we are excited."

21. Fake siblings, real friends.

"Good morning, NYC. You are even better with my baby brother in it."

22. "Best fraaaands" just hangin'.

"Girl Meets World Dodger Game Night with the crew and the best fraaaand @sabrinacarpenter @bensavage photo credit to @daniellefishel"

23. Maya + Farkle 4 e

"Fruity eyed cause you can't blame us for trying. @coreyfogelmanis"

24. Sabrina looks up to Danielle and calls her a role model.

"My favorite jerk in the world. But it's the best kind of jerk. Happy Topanga Tuesday. I love you! @daniellefishel"

25. And she chills with her fictional teacher off the set, too.

"Jeeves you're the best, after Melissia of course. @bensavage"

26. Here are the girls of Girl Meets World.

"#RDMAs with my girls @sabrinacarpenter and @rowanblanchard"

27. And a couple of the guys.

"Headed to the Planes: Fire & Rescue Premiere with this dude."

28. Here they are, reunited after spending time away from each other.

"Together again! #GMW photo creds to @augustmaturo"

29. Careful picking favorites, Farkle.

"One of my favorite GMW girls:) @rowanblanchard"

30. Don't you wish you could be friends with everyone on Girl Meets World?

Love spending time with these people! @rowanblanchard @sabrinaannlynn @peytonmeyer @augustmaturo #GirlMeetsWorld"

31. Long live the Matthews' family (and friends)!

"Two things are finally here. The best day of the week!! #FARKLEFRIDAY And the premiere of #girlmeetsworld tonight on Disney Channel!"

32. ♫ They feel alright, they're gonna take on the world ♫

"My first class"

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