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A '90s Novel About Political Corruption Predicted Donald Trump's Campaign Slogan

"Help us to make America great again."

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The book, which is the second novel in a two-book series, deals with a character named Andrew Steele Jarret who is the Texas Senator running for president in the year 2032.

Grand Central Publishing

Jarret runs for office in the midst of the U.S. completely collapsing in a desperate state of affairs. According to Fusion, the novel's protagonist is worried that Jarret's possible presidency will only make matters worse — he is described as charismatic, hypocritical, and "a big, handsome, black-haired man with deep, clear blue eyes that seduce people and hold them."


And, as one Twitter user noted, Butler used a pretty recognizable phrase for the character's campaign slogan.

TMW you see a presidential slogan in a dystopian sci-fi novel set in 2032 being used today. #OctaviaButler #trump


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