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    24 Truths Beyoncé And Jay Z Taught You About Love

    All I need in this life of sin...

    1. Finding a once-in-a-lifetime connection with another person is the most special thing that can happen.

    2. You have to be able to joke, laugh, and goof around together.

    3. Because life's too short not to have fun with the people you love.

    4. It's important to be romantic and always show your affection.

    5. No matter who else is watching.

    6. And when you spend enough time together, you even start acting alike.

    7. In which case, you also probably finish each other's sentences.

    8. If there's even a need for words at all.

    9. When you put time and effort into your relationship, it will flourish in the most beautiful ways.

    10. And transform into a kind of happiness you never thought was possible.

    11. Set your goals high for yourselves individually — aim to be the best at whatever you do.

    12. But also remember to collaborate and work together when you have the chance.

    13. Because ultimately, it's how you can try to make your marks on the world.

    14. Mutual support is essential to your growth and survival as a couple.

    15. Not to mention loyalty, kindness, and unyielding devotion.

    16. From time to time, you might fight or disagree.

    17. But if your love is strong enough, you'll accept their flaws and get past your struggles.

    18. Your partner should bring out the happiest, most terrific side of you.

    19. And inspire you to be your best self.

    20. Never hesitate to let the world know how awesome you are together.

    21. Don't let a day go by without expressing your love.

    22. And letting them know how much you appreciate them, without a single doubt.

    23. Because true love is something you should cherish, moment by moment.

    24. ~all of the #RelationshipGoals ~