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28 Signs You Grew Up In Las Vegas

Yes, people actually live there.

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12. You’ve been told so many times, “I don’t know how you live there; I couldn’t do it.”


You’re right, it is hard to balance school and work with your constant need to take drugs and make out with random strangers to house music.

18. If you played a high school sport, you had to travel to miserable Reno to play in the Nevada Interscholastic Activities Association championships.


...where you probably lost to Bishop Gorman (unless you played for Bishop Gorman, in which case, everyone hates you).

26. You can’t understand places that close early, since everything around you is open 24 hours


Yes I’m getting donuts and Andre from the grocery store at 4 a.m. No I don’t care what you think.

28. And last: You know being “born and raised” in Las Vegas is rare. If you’re one of the few native Las Vegans out there, congrats!


Congrats on growing up in Sin City and surviving the daily struggle to stay sober for longer than an hour, wash the glitter off your clothes each morning (Katy Perry says that’s what you get), and make it to Little Darlings before your shift starts!

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