14 Other Animals That Deserve Their Own Week

Sure, sharks are awesome, but it’s time to share the spotlight.

1. Sloth Week

A full week of sloths just hanging around, being slow and adorable and awesome. Hosted by Kristen Bell.

Sloth fashion tips included

2. Hedgehog Week

Nonstop adorable coverage of hedgehogs getting stuck in things and hedgehogs in the bath

3. Otter Week

Otters HOLD HANDS WHEN THEY SLEEP. They are just about the cutest animals alive and if you don’t agree then get out of my face

4. Blue Whale Week

Megalowhatever, these whales can grow up to 100 feet long, and have been known to have humans living inside of them (I think that’s what the Moby Dick Sparknotes said, I’m not sure I only skimmed them)

5. Star-Nosed Mole Week

Look at it. LOOK AT IT.

6. Liger Week

Bred for their skills in magic, ligers are totally real things and they’re TOTALLY awesome. Hosted by Napoleon Dynamite

7. Manatee Week

With a special on how to identify glass

8. Honey Badger Week

A full week of the crazyass nastyass honey badger. Watch, or don’t, honey badger don’t care.

9. Brown Bear Week

Because you know you’d totally watch an entire week of brown bears stealing restaurant dumpsters

Go ahead, try to get it back

10. Boo the Dog Week

Because this dog has already made more money than you will in your lifetime. Expect special guest appearances by Buddy.

11. Raccoon Week

A week of raccoons stealing everything you own. Hosted by this guy

12. Corgi Week

A week of corgis doing what they (sort of) do best: human things

13. Grumpy Cat Week


14. Animals that Twerk Week

Hosted by Miley Cyrus. They can’t stop, and we can’t stop watching.

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