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Are You A True O.G. YouTube User?

Ah, the good ol' days. Let's see if you stood through the test of time!

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  1. 1. Were you there when it happened? Check all that apply!
    You’ve been the 301st viewer… too many times.
    You recognize all the classic viral YouTube videos from way back when…
    …such as Charlie Bit My Finger or David at the Dentist, The Evolution of Dance, or LiamKyleSullivan's 'Shoes'.
    You knew of YouTube's biggest players from their humble beginnings..
    ..and recognize AT LEAST THREE of these YouTubers: sxephil, RayWilliamJohnson, Smosh, Fred, nigahiga, KevJumba, or VSauce.
    You recognize AT LEAST THREE of these YouTubers: Zoella, iJustine, communitychannel, RiceBunny (aka Michelle Phan back in the day!), zeldaxlove64, bubzbeauty, macbarbie07...
    ...and you know the real names that some of them go by now.
    Another one! You recognize AT LEAST 3 of these YouTubers: AmazingPhil, Danisnotonfire, TylerOakley, Charlieissocoollike, nerimon, TayZonday..
    You knew who lonelygirl15 was.
    You’ve found yourself in that weird part of YouTube…
    …one too many times.
    You were there when you could customize your YouTube profile page not only with banners, but into into different colors…
    …When you rated videos on a scale of 1-5 stars instead of likes and dislikes...
    …when the subscription button was yellow, not red...
    You were there when YouTube still had its slogan, ‘Broadcast Yourself™’ on the top left hand corner..
    …when the description box was on the side and was called a sidebar and not a ‘down-bar’..
    …when video responses were something that you could instantly do with a click of a button.
    You were there when flagged videos were instantly removed within a good hour or so because a human did it…
    ...or when YouTube still had an actual human being curating videos to be featured on the YouTube homepage.
    You remember when your subscription box was the first thing you saw on your YouTube homepage…
    When comments (or pretty much all of YouTube) wasn’t integrated with Google+ yet..
    When YouTube users only could be usernames that didn’t allow for spaces…
    ...and there were no profile pictures next to comments.
    You were there when standard definition was anywhere between the toaster-quality 144p, 240p, to 360p.
    …or when 360p or 480p was the only HD option available...
    ...or when most videos were practically square with black bars on the sides because people didn't use widescreen cameras...
    ...or when the the now-obsolete FlipHD Cam was the camera that all vloggers had.
    You were there when parodies were the thing to do..
    …when lipsync videos were the thing to do..
    …when YouTube virality equated to a couple hundred thousand views..
    …when your favorite YouTubers who are now massive content creators only had a couple hundred subscribers..
    You were there when ads were only on the sides of the videos.

Are You A True O.G. YouTube User?

Aww, sorry to hear that. Maybe you've just been spending your life outside, or on other websites. Or maybe you haven't been alive for so long. Although it may seem unfortunate that you weren't there to experience the good ol' days, YouTube's at its greatest now, and there's no harm in watching more YouTube videos!

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You're a casual YouTube user. You were familiar with some of YouTube's trends or glitches, but you weren't really there. It's okay, nothing like watching more YouTube videos today couldn't fix!

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You're a true YouTube OG. You've been there since the beginning, or close to it -- and through it's formative years. You've seen its massive overhauls and changes throughout the years. Relive the good ol' days!

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