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    • krorie1989

      First off, let me start by sayingIamaresident of Oxford, Mississippi, and by saying that we are racist is very misleading. Do we have people that are racist? YES, EVERY state does! Honestly it didn’t matter who won the election because we were screwed either way it went. Second, it was at the college, which most of the students are OUT OF STATE residents. So to say that Mississippi is white trash and everything else, is VERY disrespectful and goes to show how you were raised. MOST actual residents of this state is very kind and over the whole racial era. Keep in mind that it wasn’t just white students who took part in this so called riot. so get your facts straight before you start dissing on my home state. AND to the person who made the comment about the school systems here. That may be for the whole state of Mississippi, but we have two high schools here that are 6A and 4A schools. So don’t judge my city unless you have personally been here and experienced it yourself!

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