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Which GU Politics Staff Member Are You?

Find out if you are most like Mo, Sophie, Hanna, or Kayla!

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  1. You finally get off after a long day of work. What do you do?

    Going home to see your dog
    Headed out for a night on the town
    Getting ready for your appearance on the news
    Headed to a hip political event with some important people
  2. Pick a Color

  3. You are at an event with lots of important people. You would be found…..

    Networking up a storm
    By the bar
    Headed home b/c this event is too late for you
    Making sure wandering politicians find their way in the crowd
  4. On a Sunday afternoon you are most likely to be….

    Shopping for cupcakes
    Curled up with a good book
    Flipping through wedding magazines
    Spending time with your family
  5. When presented with a person who you don’t agree with, you are likely to…

    Snapchat about it
    Destroy them in a savage tweet
    Shrug it off
    Deal with it like the classy guy/gal you are
  6. Pick your favorite expression.

    "Pull back the curtain."
    "You can't do that, you are a child!"
    "Wow, you guys did a great job!"
    "Awww, you guys are awesome!"
  7. What is your favorite way to interact with students?

    Laugh at their drunk snaps
    Organize their involvement within GU Politics
    Offer your wisdom and guidance
    Retweet their tweets

Which GU Politics Staff Member Are You?

You got: Mo

You are Mo! Like Mo, you are a social butterfly. You are well-connected to some pretty powerful people and you know how to get things done. You are extremely intelligent and clever, particularly when taking on your haters on social media. You are extremely accomplished and care a lot about your job. You deal with a lot of high-profile people, but you always remain humble and are willing to talk to anyone. While you are very devoted to your career, your family takes precedence over everything else. If you were to win a superlative, you would be “Most Likely to Win a Twitter War”.

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You got: Sophie

You are Sophie! Like Sophie, you are classy af and totally have your sh*t together. You are on your game at all moments, even the stressful ones. You are a total boss and everyone knows it. You probably have a super cool Instagram account filled with aesthetic pictures from all of the cool events you attend. You have a knack for communication and everyone knows not to mess with you. Though you are a total badass, you are also the sweetest human being ever. If you were to win a superlative, you would get “Most Likely to be Superwoman”.

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You got: Hanna

You are Hanna! Like Hanna, you are an absolute superstar. You can tackle anything that comes your way, and you do it with a smile on your face. You are extremely dedicated to your job and you work long hours and weekends to make sure you get everything done perfectly. You are beloved by everyone that knows you. You love to document EVERYTHING on Snapchat and you always make sure to use a filter so that your snap stories are “flame”. When you aren’t working, you can be found in a bar or reading a book, but you are always home in bed by 10 pm. if you were to win a superlative, you’d be “Everyone’s Best Friend”.

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You got: Kayla

You are Kayla! Like Kayla, even when you are new to something, you kill the game immediately. Everyone loves your fun personality (and your super cute puppy)! Though you can be quiet at first, you are one of the friendliest, most loveable people around and no one can get enough of you! You probably take really cute pictures with your significant other and you love adventuring around DC. You’ll never say no to glass (or two!) of wine during a long day at the office with your drinking buddy. If you were to win a superlative, you would be “Most Sunny Personality”.

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