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These Illustrations Hilariously Sum Up Being A Parent

“Parenthood” is just a shorter way of saying, “You’ll never sleep again.” Luckily, Comforts is here to help you through the ups, downs, and in-betweens!


"you don't know genuine panic unless you've experienced a diaper blowout on a plane."


chart of what parenthood consists of: begging your children to eat their veggies, pretending to be interested in your kid's favorite show, staring into the abyss, doing laundry


"what most people do in the bathroom" next to a poop emoji and "what I do in the bathroom" next to a sleeping emoji


"Me to my kids: it's never okay to lie. Also me to my kids: I'd love to share my ice cream with you but it's spicy."


"no one has bigger biceps than a parent" and image of a large diaper bag


what I want for Christmas and list of jewelry, plane tickets, and wine next to what I get for Christmas and macaroni art


"me to my kids: it's important to share. also me: shoveling cookies into my mouth before my kid wakes up"


"the award every parent deserves is writing thirty valentine's day cards in one night"

Illustrations by Dan Blaushild for BuzzFeed.

Thumbnails via Getty.

Parenting is filled with ups and downs, and Comforts has your back through every moment!