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7 Snack Board Ideas That Are Perfect For Game Day

Kick off game day with these delicious appetizer boards from Kroger® Brand!

1. The Crowd-Pleaser Board

Platter with appetizers and small bowls of ranch and sour cream and salsa

2. Classic Cheese & Charcuterie Board

Sliced cheeses and crackers and charcuterie on a wooden cutting board

3. French Fry Board

Sweet potato fries and waffle fries and tater bits on a platter surrounding small sauce bowls

4. Sweet & Savory Snack Board

Platter holding candy and cookies and pretzels and cheese crackers

5. Classic Game Day Snack Board

Plate filled with appetizers and small sauce bowls containing ranch and mustard and marinara sauce

6. Pizza Lover Board

Slices of pepperoni pizza and mini pizza bagels and pizza rolls on a platter

7. Fruit Board with Sweet Cream Cheese Dip

Platter with grapes and kiwi and strawberries and watermelon served with small bowl of sweet cream cheese dip

Get everything you need for these boards with Kroger® Brand.

Recipes By: Alexander Roberts

Food Stylist: Danielle Campbell

Food Stylist's Assistant: Jasmyn Crawford