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11 Recipes To Make From Your Random Thanksgiving Leftovers

It's time to liven up those leftovers! Enjoy these tasty and inventive recipes from Kroger.

1. Leftover Turkey Stacked Enchiladas

turkey enchiladas served with rice in a bowl

2. Easy Turkey Salad Croissants

turkey salad sandwich served on a croissant

3. Fall Rosé Sangria

pitcher and glasses of rose sangria with fresh cranberries and orange slices

4. Maple-Glazed Vegetables

bowl of maple-glazed fall veggies

5. Thanksgiving Hand Pies

turkey hand pies served with a side salad and gravy

6. Holiday Leftover Wraps

thanksgiving leftover in a tortilla wrap served with chips

7. Bourbon Hot Caramel Apple Cider

hot bourbon cider topped with whipped cream and caramel sauce

8. Leftover Vegan Thanksgiving Poutine

plate of fries and fall veggies served with gravy

9. Thanksgiving Leftovers ‘Buddha’ Bowl

bowl with rice and turkey and cranberry sauce and fall veggies

10. Leftover Turkey Pancake Breakfast

turkey and cheese pancakes served with scrambled eggs and side of cranberry sauce

11. Make-Ahead Holiday Tetrazzini

large serving bowl of tetrazzini pasta

Head to Kroger for a flavorful Thanksgiving (and leftovers)!

Images courtesy of Kroger