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5 Easy Bento Box Ideas Your Tween Will Love

Your kid will love these tasty lunches, and you'll love how easy they are to prepare thanks to Kroger!

1. Rainbow Bento Box


Kroger® Deli Thin Sliced Oven Roasted Turkey Breast

Red bell pepper (sliced lengthwise)

Kroger® Cheese Twists (cubed)

Kroger® Baby Carrots

Cucumber (sliced into circles)

Snack Pairings:

Kroger® Mini Chip Mates

Kroger® Cheese Dip ‘N’ Pretzel Sticks

Place red bell pepper, cheese, baby carrots and cucumber to create a rainbow pattern. Add turkey slices and other snack pairings for a filling and tasty lunch.

2. Lil’ Ham and Cheese Sandwiches


Kroger® Market & Mill Artisan Bread

Kroger® Yellow Mustard

Kroger® Classic Mayonnaise

Kroger® Sliced Black Forest Ham

Kroger® Provolone Cheese Slices


Tomato (sliced)

Snack Pairings:

Kroger® Mini Cheese Sandwich Crackers


Build a regular sandwich with mustard, mayo, ham, cheese, lettuce, and tomato. Then cut into four equal parts to fit your bento box.

3. Mini Tacos


Kroger® Soft Taco Flour Tortillas

Kroger® Shredded Mild Cheddar Cheese

Diced tomatoes

Kroger® Sweet Whole Kernel Golden Corn

Kroger® Black Beans

Snack Pairings:

Mini bell peppers (sliced)

Kroger® Alphabet Cookies

Kroger® Fruit-Flavored Snacks

Cut out small circles from a tortilla to create the mini taco shells. Add shredded cheese, diced tomatoes, corn, and beans into the bento box. Your kid will have a great time mix 'n’ matching their taco creations!

4. Turkey Roll-Ups



Kroger® Mozzarella String Cheese

Kroger® Deli Thin Sliced Oven Roasted Turkey Breast

Snack Pairings:

Kroger® Cheese Dip 'N' Cracker Sticks

Kroger® Navel Oranges

Kroger® Apple Sauce Pouch

Kroger® Strawberry & Vanilla Yogurt Tubes

Seedless Grapes

Place spinach leaves and mozzarella stick onto a slice of turkey, then roll into a cylinder. Serve alongside other snack pairings for a nutritious lunch.

5. Cheese Board in a Box


Kroger® Mild Cheddar Cheese Cubes

Kroger® Mozzarella String Cheese (cubed)

Kroger® Mini Pretzels

Snack Pairings:

Kroger® Peanut Butter Sandwich Crackers


Cucumber (cut into spears)

Place cubed cheeses next to mini pretzels in your bento box. Add snack pairings to other compartments of the box for a full meal.

Which lunch are you excited to try? Get ready for back-to-school with Kroger.