8 Ways Ingrid Michaelson Proved She Is Doing It Right

Ingrid Michaelson tweets and Instagrams her everyday problems, just like you. She just does it better.

1. She spends her time as any girl should.

2. She has great taste in music, as well as all things nerdy.

I’d talk LOTR with these two any day!

3. She has an unbelievable taste in fashion.

It’s okay, Ingrid. You are totally rocking that coat.

4. She’s modest when it comes to friendship.

Because conversing with Rainn Wilson isn’t a big deal at all…

5. She’s punny! Especially when it comes to her dogs…and alcoholic references.

6. She says what we’re all thinking.

7. She hates autocorrect, just like the rest of us.

Because people totally use the word “ducking” that often…

8. Most importantly, she understands the key role that chocolate plays in our lives.

Thanks, Ingrid, for making the rest of us look bad. You can follow her on Twitter here.

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