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A Nerd's Guide To Reading More

Have you ever wanted to get more into reading, but simply could not get yourself to do it? Well, fear no more my fellow human. Here are five tips to help you embrace your inner bookworm!

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Start with something you know


Chances are your favorite TV shows or movies are actually based on a book. You know that snobby friend who loves to remind everyone of their superior intellect by constantly saying the book was better than the movie? That could be you next time! More often than not, the book simply gives you more of your favorite stories and characters, so why not start with something you're already familiar with?

Use an audiobook


Now, hear me out, if you're trying to get more into reading, audiobooks are not necessarily the way to do it. But, like with any other tasks, starting is the most difficult part. If you struggle to get into books at the beginning, listen along to the first couple of chapters until you find yourself engaged with the storyline, and then continue without it.

Get an actual book

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Holding the physical book in your hands provides a better experience than reading from a tablet. Think about how much easier it is to do your class readings when they're print-outs instead of PDF articles. Besides, seeing how much progress you've made is a good way to encourage yourself to keep going.

Speaking of, get it from an actual bookstore


Nothing will make you feel more like you should pick up a book and read once in a while than taking time to go to a bookstore. Investing both time and money into getting a book is a better incentive than just clicking 'Buy now.' Also, while you're there, you could always walk around for a little and see if you find anything else that might interest you!

Get out of the house

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Reading at home with a cup of coffee and, most importantly, no pants can be great. However, if you're struggling to concentrate at home, going to a coffee shop or library can help! You're less likely to get distracted by emails or laundry if you've made the commitment to go out in public and do it.

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