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    • kristywoods

      I also had a black lab named Duke.(Dukey) This story was so much like ours. I had Duke since 6 weeks old until the day we put him to sleep. He was 14 1/2. We also gave him an incredible last day. The night before, my daughter and I gave him his last bath and built a cozy fire in our fireplace. We slept there all night with Duke. The next day he got to eat doughnuts for breakfast. I fixed him is last supper. A Thanksgiving feast. Turkey, stuffing, yams. He even got to eat deviled eggs. and Lots and Lots of pumpkin pie. He got to visit with friends and relatives. We made it as special as we could.
      I was so heartbroken about making that decision. I didn’t think it was mine to make with choosing death for him. But I am now at peace with knowing I did the right thing. I will miss that guy every day and will never have a dog as great as him! We love and miss our Dukey!

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