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Aug 2012
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    kristysince1984 commented on What Small Tricks Help You Cope With Your Anxiety?

    When I told my therapist about worrying about “what if’s” she asked me, “do you ever just have faith that things will work out? When you’ve had problems before, have they worked out? Do you ever think about your worries that they’ll also end up working out?” Now when I start to worry… 


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    kristysince1984 commented on What's Your Worst Poop Horror Story?

    This happened to a friend but I’ve never forgotten the horror in his voice as he retold the events of that night. He was at a bowling alley when it hit him. It was happening no matter what. He ran to the men’s room and there were no stalls. Only urinals. So he decided to try the… 


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    kristysince1984 commented on I Asked Three Plastic Surgeons How They Would Change My Face And Everyone Answered Differently

    I think you are so braved for even taking on this project in the first place,but you're beautiful the way you are!


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    kristysince1984 commented on Tell Us Your Shittiest Porta-Potty Horror Story Right Now

    It was st Patrick's day and we found a porta potty with no one around. I was obviously not sitting down in there, because ew. So I'm bent over doing the hover when all of a sudden the door slams me in the head. I blacked out, and when I came to I thought we had had an earthquake.… 


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    kristysince1984 commented on What's The Grossest Thing You've Seen Working As A Teacher?

    When I was teaching middle school computer science, I showed a movie at the end of the semester. I watched one kid sit in his chair digging out his belly button for at least twenty minutes. Every couple of minutes he would sniff his fingers then lick them. I'm scarred for life.


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