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How To Beautify And Naturally Pest-Free Your Garden

Having a beautiful home garden is like having a paradise at home. Waking up to the smell of flowers, hearing birds chirping on your garden tree, seeing lovely and colorful butterflies flying from one flower to another makes life more wonderful to live. It gives us a sense of feeling alive.

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Beautify your garden by adding vegetables and herbs.

Integrate your plants as it is the key in your garden. You may use herbs to edge beds and borders. Make contrasting colors by playing with texture. You can also put trees and shrubs in pots. By doing this, you can make a bold impact. In the entrance of your garden, make it grand. Put slow growing plants in the entrance just like having two ushers for your garden. In your garden, you must grow herbs that are fragrant. You could use them for cooking, too. It is also very important to control weeds in your garden as it they would become freeloaders. They would share your plants’ food and nutrients. This could be done by removing them and by composting them. They are also an eyesore. You should also group your plants as to their foliage and color for greater impact. To do this easily, stand back and take a look at the colors of your plants in the garden. There, you could envision on where you could possibly move some of your plants to make it look more appealing.

Adding garden art is a great way to personalize your garden as this would reflect your personality.

You can make art based on your hobbies. For example, if you are into robots, you can make a robot like figure just by using simple garden materials. Having colorful pots will also make your garden vibrant and exciting. It creates a feeling that makes simple plants look attractive. Do not overcrowd your plants. This could be difficult if you have a small space to work on, but do keep in mind that a cluttered garden would defeat the purpose of beautifying your home. Try balancing hard surfaces with plants and please avoid using too many different materials. There would be some circumstances where there would be a limited sunlight. In this scenario, growing flowering plants could be challenging but there is a remedy. Choose plants carefully. Include variegated foliage that has one color on the inside and another around the edge.

Having garden pest is a nightmare as it would ruin the beauty of your garden.

There are a lot of ways to get rid of them. Some are commercially available while others could be made or done at home. The easiest way is to buy chemical based pesticides but we do not want that as it has a lot of side effects. There are plenty of natural methods that could get rid of garden pests. The Neem juice is highly revered by ancient Indians as a powerful, all-natural plant that wards pests off. It is the most powerful natural pesticide in the world. It holds over 50 natural insecticides. Use mineral oil. Mix 30ml of oil with a liter of water. Spray it to the infested plant. This is very effective in dehydrating insects and their eggs. Onions and garlic are effective too. Mince one garlic clove and a medium sized onion, add a quart of water and then add a teaspoon of cayenne pepper and a teaspoon of liquid soap. Store in a fridge too keep its potency for a week.

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