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    This Is The One Thing You Need To Know When On-Boarding A New Hire

    Get your pens out...

    So you just hired your newest team mate! WTH do you do know you ask? Let's take a journey together! Shall we?

    Think about a time when you were invited to a party but when you arrived the only person you knew was the person who invited you...


    While some of us are getting HYPED from the prospect of meeting new people and to flaunt our charisma and nerve.

    Others of us are literally questioning, how the F* we found ourselves in this situation?

    As the minutes go by, our comfortable thoughts quickly become replaced with some very URGENT questions and thoughts that quite frankly need to be addressed...

    These thoughts could be similar to thoughts your new hire has coming into BuzzFeed. And as their one and only “friend” at the party, your role as a manager is crucial to helping them feel included in the BuzzFeed community.

    That may seem like a lot to ask, but don’t worry you are not alone! To support you, we created the ONE thing you need. This handy 90 day new hire planning guide will help your new employee feel connected to BuzzFeed.

    Here is what it includes:

    A New Hire Timeline

    Manager Checklists

    Company History and Overview

    Planning Templates

    And Resources!!!!

    All of these resources are here for you to help your new hire feel connected.

    If you are interested in attending our manager on-boarding training that will give you a deep dive into this tool or have any questions, please email learning@.

    and let them be the life of the PAAAARRRRTTTTYYYYY!!!