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    ALERT: Adele Released Three Bonus Tracks That Probably Aren't On Your Copy

    "Not a single word was said..."

    For her super fans, today has been 4 years in the making and could easily be said to be one of the most highly anticipated days in the music industry, in years.

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    Those of us who chose to pre-order the album, so that we could wake up in the morning and play the album, while we lay in bed and cry, didn't know "that we could have had it ALL.." Yes.. ALL!

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    As per Target's Twitter and website, they are selling the exclusive Adele album that includes three additional tracks:

    1- Can't Let Go

    2- Lay Me Down

    3- Why Do You Love Me


    Here is the tweet from Target:

    @target / Via Twitter: @Target

    So if you pre-ordered the album from any other outlet other than Target, you may feel devastated, broken, or angry right now.

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    We can only hope that she will share these songs with us!

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